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A respect for tradition

Inlays and decorative motifs recall the an-tique art of miniature illumination and em-broidery, and require scrupulous attention to the tiniest detail and an imaginative flair for combining different woods, colours, finishes and the grain patterns of each veneer. The craftsmanship- dates back to ancient times when manual skills prevailed. Today's technology can be used as a support for traditional craft skills without displacing the creative and delicate nature of the wood-worker's art. Man provides the ideas and creativity, makes the drawings, assists the client in preparing the executive project and provides advice regarding the type of material and the most suitable production process. Out of respect for tradition.

Elit wood laboratorio di lavorazioni intarsi e trincati
Elit wood laboratorio di lavorazioni intarsi e trincati
Elit wood laboratorio di lavorazioni intarsi e trincati


Working with wood is an ancient, natural and honourable art; it represents a respect for experience, values and beauty. The woodworker's skill is not in taming the wood, but rather in highlighting its wild refinement, in revealing its genuine fascination and functional properties. Wood has always been part of human culture, and working with wood is a constantlyrepeated rite of creation. For more than two decades, Rodolfo Ros has dedicated his life to studying the finest woods, seeking out the various types, colours and combinations. reflects his artistic and craftsmanlike spirit, his manual skills, precision and extraordinary patience in the art of decorative cabinetmaking. In short, the expression of the most noble craft known to man. His company offers the ideal mix of tradition and technology, combining modern equipment with traditional style. Flit produces veneered elements in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes for classic and modern furniture. Their beauty is en-hanced by inlays and decorative motifs, and the entire process is based on a unique com-bination of technique and approach: crafts-manship on an industrial scale. A paradox that blends quality with prestige.


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